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Inmate Services

Per House Bill 222, any individual who is no longer incarcerated has the right to vote.

Visitation Schedule

Addiction Treatment

The Carroll County Health Department's Bureau of Addiction Treatment Services offers two treatment programs in the Carroll County Detention Center, offering assessment, referral, counseling, treatment and aftercare.

The Addiction Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program (Level 2) is a 90-day program, which provides nine hours of clinical services per week, for a maximum of twelve persons at a time. The second program is the STOP/Heroin program, which is a six month program for male and female heroin users between the ages of 18-35 years. The program treats a maximum of eight persons at a time and they are required to receive a minimum of twenty hours of treatment-individual and group therapy per week. The main focus of treatment included disease concept of addiction, relapse prevention and recovery skills.

Participants in the program must be committed to the Detention Center and have a documented substance abuse history and/or drug related criminal history. An individual, who is interested in treatment services, initially must submit a request for services in writing to Kevin Amado. He or she then completes an application and is seen for an evaluation by treatment staff.

Upon completion of the evaluation, a level of care of treatment is recommended. If the individual is recommended and accepts treatment in one of the jail-based programs offered by the Health Department, he or she can be placed on a waiting list, if space is not currently available, they will be admitted when a space becomes available.


Adult Learning

The Carroll County Detention Center offers adult offenders a variety of educational opportunities while they are incarcerated. Family and Children Services started a Domestic Violence Education group in November 2006. This one-hour group is designed to assist women who have had a history of domestic violence break the cycle of abuse, upon their release. Although the group is new, out of the thirteen members, three have contacted the agency for continued services.

The Carroll Adult Learning Center, a program of the Carroll County Public Schools, offers classes to inmates who need enrichment in Math, Reading, Writing, Life Skills, or who wish to acquire their GED. The Detention Center offers classes several days a week in two-hour segments, during the day and evenings for the male and female population. Students are tested upon entry to the class and at intervals during the class to monitor their progress. These classes not only improve their knowledge, they increase their confidence and self-esteem and prepare them to obtain a job when they are released from the Detention Center.

"Guiding Good Choices" is a weekly program that was started in July 2006 for incarcerated parents who have children. The program encompasses 5 classes:

  • How to Prevent Drug Use in Your Family
  • How to Develop Healthy Beliefs and Clear Standards
  • Avoiding Trouble: How to Say No to Drugs
  • Managing Conflict: How to Control and Express Your Anger Constructively
  • How to Strengthen Family Bonds

The library in Carroll County Detention Center is a very popular resource among inmates. Each housing unit has a regular time for an hour long weekly visit. Along with choosing books, people listen to music with headphones; look through magazines, and conduct legal research.

The library is the smallest branch in the Carroll County Public Library system, but has the highest turnover rate, which is the number of circulations per item annually. Since the collection is limited by space, the librarian, Lauren Keppel, also orders materials from the system catalog to fill information needs for inmates. Depending upon time constraints, she conducts Internet searches as needed.

Although the library is a small room off the Multipurpose Room in the basement, it has a more benign atmosphere than elsewhere in the facility. People are expected to monitor their behavior, share the resources, and treat everyone respectfully.


Medical/Mental Health

The Carroll County Detention Center to provides quality medical care to the inmate population. The medical team provides comprehensive medical care twenty-four hours a day and has a variety of disciplines to provide quality healthcare.

Team members include: MD, PA, RN, LPN’s, CNA/CMT’S and administrative/records assistant. The medical team provides a wide range of care including acute care, chronic care follow ups, wound care, diabetic care, EKG’s, lab work and minor procedures. Health questionnaires are done in Central Booking to help identify and expedite the care of newly incarcerated inmates.

The on-site Mental Health Services team members include two psychiatrists and one clinical coordinator. The mental health team provides acute and chronic mental health services. The mental health team provides intake assessments, medication management, risk assessments, crisis management and short term counseling services.

The Detention Center provides outside agencies to support our population which include x-ray, pharmaceutical, and dental. Community based providers provide specialized care to our inmates such as ob/gyn, diagnostic screenings, and orthopedics.


Religious Services

The Good News Jail and Prison Ministry, a non-profit, non-denominational evangelical Christian ministry that exists for the purpose of providing Christian Chaplains to jails and prisons both nationally and internationally.

The Chaplain provides pastoral care in the Detention Center as he ministers to the inmates and the staff. His purpose is to meet the spiritual needs of those in jail and bring hope, through worship services, bible studies and counseling as provided by the Chaplain and trained volunteers from our community.

He also spends time weekly in the Community communicating to local churches, businesses and the general public about the purpose and goals of Jail Ministry work and the positive impact being made in the Community when spiritual changes occur, especially in the families of our Community.

The Chaplain is responsible for training close to 200 religious volunteers, as well as scheduling them for their annual recertification to ensure security requirements. Most of the religious services are provided by these volunteers. In addition, he coordinates and supervises the religious programs for all faith practices that are conducted at the Detention Center. Currently, there are 16 weekly religious activities and services on the master schedule.

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Equal Opportunity Employer

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office is committed to recruiting initiatives that reflect a fair and impartial representation of minority groups and females among its employees and applicants in approximate proportion to the minority composition of the Carroll County community.