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The Forensic Services Unit specializes in crime scene investigation, property and evidence management, forensic video analysis, and expert witness testimony.  The on call Forensic Services Technician is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to respond and investigate crime scenes.  Each Forensic Services Technician possesses extensive knowledge, training, and experience within the fields of crime scene investigation and forensics.


Internal Affairs

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs functions are completed thoroughly, fair, and expeditious disposition of complaints regarding the conduct of Sheriff's Deputies.  Further, policy invites citizens to bring to the attention of the Sheriff's Office complaints about the conduct of its deputy’s whenever a citizen believes the deputy acted improperly.  Complaints will be received courteously, and the Sheriff's Office will make every effort to ensure that no adverse consequences occur to any person as a result of having brought what they believe to be a legitimate complaint or information to our attention.  All complaints, including those submitted anonymously will be investigated in accordance with the procedures described herein.  The complaint disposition will be consistent with the obligation of providing equitable process for all parties involved. These procedures apply to allegations of misconduct against Deputy Sheriff's, both on-duty and off-duty.

Civil/Criminal Process

The Carroll County Sheriff's Office employs two civilian constables to serve the large amount of Criminal and Civil Process that are forwarded to the office from Maryland’s courts and the Clerks of the Courts office.

The constables serve papers that normally would be assigned to patrol deputies. This service by the civilian constables allows deputies to remain on patrol and readily available for calls for service.

Sex Offender Registry

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Registry Unit is to initially register and re-register as necessary all court ordered convicted sex offenders residing within the jurisdictional boundaries of Carroll County, Maryland and all applicable out of state convicted sex offenders working within those jurisdictional boundaries. In addition, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Registry Unit maintains a compilation of specific personal information regarding these offenders which is entered and altered as necessary into a state database (Maryland Online Sex Offender Registry) which then makes this information available to the general public via the Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services website for the purpose of public safety and awareness. Finally, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Registry Unit conducts address verifications, monitors community events that specifically cater to minors and identifies, investigates and enforces all violations of Maryland Sex Offender Registry law.

Law Enforcement Records

The newly formed records unit is responsible for the everyday administration operations of the Sheriff Office. The Records Unit processes all Civil Process (Summons, evictions), Criminal Process (warrants, criminal summons), NCIC, METERS entries, locates, and wanted hits for individuals and or stolen property, process all Domestic Violence Orders and Peace Orders. The Unit also completes the monthly Uniformed Crime Report, processes Public Information Request and is responsible for the housing, logging and dissemination of all investigative reports along with accident reports.

Crisis Response Team

The Carroll County Crisis Response Team (CRT) was formed in 2004 as a joint endeavor between the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, Westminster City Police Department and the Taneytown Police Department.

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team

A Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team is a designated law enforcement team, whose members are recruited, selected, trained, equipped and assigned to resolve critical incidents involving a threat to public safety which would otherwise exceed the capabilities of traditional law enforcement first responders and/or investigative units. SWAT is an accepted title for a team with specialized training, expertise and equipment. The primary characteristic of SWAT that distinguishes it from other units is the focus of effort. SWAT teams are focused on tactical solutions, as opposed to other functions, such as investigation. The purpose of SWAT is to increase the likelihood of safely resolving critical incidents.

Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence unit exists expressly to address the needs of victims who frequently have nowhere else to turn when they are brutalized. This team of specialists is responsible for interviewing the victims, eliciting facts, providing guidance to secure court orders or arrest warrants, and service of all related judicial documents. With the assistance of a grant from the Governor’s Office of Crime Control and Prevention, the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office continues to enhance the safety and security of all domestic violence victims.

District/Circuit Court Security

The Court Security Team is responsible for maintaining the overall safety of the Judiciary from the time they arrive at the courthouse to the time they depart for their residence. This also includes maintaining building integrity, safeguarding all who enter or leave the facility, and keeping a watchful eye on those prisoners transported from other detention facilities to stand trial. This trained team of professionals is assisted in the performance of their daily duties by court security officers, court bailiffs and the back up compliment of the Sheriff’s Office.


The Warrant Unit locates and arrests individuals in Carroll County wanted on arrest warrants. Responsibilities include maintaining criminal histories, conducting fugitive investigations, entry and removal of warrants in various databases as well as the storage and maintenance of criminal files. Members of the Warrant Section maintain liaison and working relationships with federal, state, and local authorities, and investigate the whereabouts, and locate wanted persons in other states and returns them pursuant to extradition procedures to stand trial for their crimes. Members also search for fugitives locally who are wanted in other jurisdictions throughout the country.

Child Support

The Child Support Unit works in cooperation with the State of Maryland, the Maryland State Bureau of Support Enforcement for the Department of Social Services, the Child Support Division of the States Attorney’s Office, and the Master of the Carroll County Circuit Court. This unit is responsible for the execution of all child support arrest warrants and body attachments, serving child support summonses, subpoenas, and administrative actions issued by the Bureau of Support Enforcement.


The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office Unit has utilized the services of a non-sworn Chaplain Crisis Intervention Specialist for seven years. Our ordained Chaplain holds a Certificate of Specialized Training in Spiritual Care in Crisis Intervention, and a Certificate of Specialized Training in the Field of Emergency Services. She also is a Critical Incident Stress Management Trainer with the Critical Incident Stress Foundation. This allows her to provide in-service instructions to our deputies. Our Chaplain has also deployed 21 different times to a national crisis, and is FEMA/Emergency Management trained in 6 different areas. This assists the Chaplain in all areas of their work with the Sheriff’s Office. Because of the traumas our law enforcement deputies are exposed to, and the traumas that the community members of Carroll County experience there is a need for this type of unusual Chaplaincy practice.

Crash Reconstruction

The Crash Reconstruction Unit is a specialized unit within Carroll County Sheriff’s Office. The responsibilities of the unit include the investigation of all life-threatening injury and fatal car crashes.  CRU members conduct investigations to determine the sequence of events, the underlying causes and responsibilities, and to prosecute those responsible in court.  The unit also assists the Criminal Investigation Unit with crime scene documentation and evidence collection.  CRU members are on-call 24/7 and also available to assist allied agencies.



Carroll County Sheriff's Office • 100 North Court Street • Westminster, Maryland 21157
410.386.2900 or 1.888.302.8924

Equal Opportunity Employer

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office is committed to recruiting initiatives that reflect a fair and impartial representation of minority groups and females among its employees and applicants in approximate proportion to the minority composition of the Carroll County community.