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Security Services Division


Classification is a formal process for separating and managing inmates, administering facilities based upon agency mission, classification goals, resources and inmate custody and program needs. The process relies on trained classification staff, the use of reliable classification tools, and programs and outcome evaluation.

This unit provides a critical component to the Detention Center by facilitating eligibility screening for programs.  The unit also provides an important connection to the courts for monitoring and coordinating work release and trustee positions.

Housing, privileges, programs, and release eligibility are tied directly to classification levels, this process can be used successfully to link the Detention Center to intermediate sanctions and community corrections through a system of behavior incentives.

The Intelliegence Officer works closely with the Carroll County States Attorney’s Office and law enforcement officials to effectively monitor gang activity within the Carroll County Detention Center and related activity outside of the facility. He is responsible to collect, collate, and analyze gang activity information.

They input data and maintains a complete electronic database using the detention centers Keystone Jail Management System and uploads the information into the HIDTA Gangnet network. An important part of thier job is to analyze intelligence information, identify gang trends, and provide recommendations for dealing with gang activity.

Central Booking

The Central Booking unit is responsible for processing offenders from every law enforcement agency within Carroll County and maintaining the database for those arrests in the Keystone Public Safety (KOPS) software.

In utilizing modern technology, such as the Keystone Jail Management System, Mugshot Imaging System, and the Livescan Fingerprint System, the Central Booking unit has become more efficient and effective in processing the county’s offenders then in previous years. The addition of the new Automated Arrest Status Board this year, which is interfaced to the Keystone JMS, has reduced the manual tracking of offenders in the unit.

The Central Booking Unit can effectively process a prisoner in approximately thirty minutes, rather than the normal two and one-half hours using conventional processing methods. This equates to an additional 8,290 hours of annual available patrol time by police officers in Carroll County.


Security Shifts

Security for the Carroll County Detention Center consists of three Security shifts comprised of three Lieutenants, three Sergeants, six Corporals, and thirty-nine Correctional Officers, who are charged with the general security, custody, and control of the inmate population and the housing, recreational, and multi-purpose areas of the detention center.

During each shift’s tour of duty, officers are assigned to specific fixed and roving posts throughout the secure areas of the institution, such as: Control, Segregation Unit, Escort, Direct Supervision, and other multiple posts throughout the facility. On every shift an officer is assigned to the Control Panel, which operates the automated doors in the facility and is responsible for monitoring the cameras that are placed throughout the Detention Center. Officers may respond to numerous incidents and must be prepared to handle all matters in a proficient and effective manner.

On a daily basis Correctional Officer's are responsible for serving lunches to the inmates, escorting them to recreation, the library and the medical unit. They also accompany the medical unit nurses when medications are delivered.

Correctional Officers provide for the safety and security of inmates incarcerated in the Detention Center on a 24/7 basis. The staff of the Security Services Bureau is responsible for monitoring the activity of inmates, as well as providing for their safe movement within the institution.

The Correctional Officers at the Carroll County Detention Center are dedicated, trained, motivated, and responsible individuals that meet the demands of a challenging position. The successful operation of the Security Services Bureau can be attributed to these devoted men and women.

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Equal Opportunity Employer

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office is committed to recruiting initiatives that reflect a fair and impartial representation of minority groups and females among its employees and applicants in approximate proportion to the minority composition of the Carroll County community.